Secret Service feat Mikael Erlandsson




Secret Service is one of the greatest bands in Swedish pop history. The story started in 1979 when someone had to perform the song that Ulf Wahlberg had sent to Melodifestivalen. Ola Håkansson had sung on the demon, they put together the band ”Ola+3” around him. On the following album there was a Swedish song called ”Oh Susie (Bara vi två vet)”, which was picked up by local DJs. An English-language version was recorded, the band changed its name to Secret Service, and the rest is history…

The successes, both in Sweden and internationally, resounded and songs like Flash In The Night, 10 O’Clock Postman, Night City and I’m So, I’m So, I’m So (I’m So In Love With You) are just a few additional examples from a huge treasure chest of songs.

About 10 years ago, Ulf Wahlberg and Tim Norell decided to revive the band after more than 15 years of silence. For family reasons, Ola chose not to participate, but with his blessing Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumn’s Dream, N’Gang etc) has taken his role as a singer. In recent years there has been a lot of touring, mainly in Russia, but here at home, Secret Service has been on stage only once since the 80’s. But now, it’s time…

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