Beat Box LP & CD

En förteckning över de 58 officiella album som gavs ut på Beat Box-etiketten.

* Album med den här markeringen saknas i min samling, och är därmed också inkluderade på min ”wishlist”… Ja, om du nu skulle sitta på ett ‘överex’ ;-)

BB 9001*
BB 9002*
BB 9003*
BB 9004BlowflyElectronic Banana ‎1984
BB 9005*
BB 9006ScotchEvolution ‎1985
BB 9007Sheryl Lee RalphIn The Evening ‎1985
BB 9008*
BB 9009Baby’s GangChallenger ‎1985
BB 9010AlishaAlisha ‎1985
BB 9011*VariousBeat Box Master Tracks Vol.11986
BB 9012Den HarrowOverpower ‎1986
BB 9013Jean Rich“Lady” Jean Rich1986
BB 9014*Silver PozzoliAround My Dream ‎1987
BB 9015BBCD 9015*Ken LaszloKen Laszlo1987
BB 9016BBCD 9016*AlephBlack Out ‎1988
BB 9017VariousMas Mix Que Nunca1986
BB 9018The Max HimDanger Danger ‎1986
BB 9019*RadioramaDesires And Vampires ‎1986
BB 9020VariousBeat Box Master Tracks Vol.21986
BB 9021BBCD 9021*ScotchPictures Of Old Days ‎1987
BB 9022BBCD 9022*BoytronicLove For Sale ‎1988
BB 9023*BBCD 9023*VariousBeat Box Master Tracks Vol.31987
BB 9024MC Miker “G”I’m A B-Bone1987
BB 9025*John RoccaExtra Extra1987
BB 9026BBCD 9026*Fun FunDouble Fun ‎1987
BB 9027Finzy KontiniPlace To Place1987
BB 9028VariousTime Records Present: Time Hits1987
BB 9029*BBCD 9029*VariousThe Best Of Beat Box Mix Medley’s Vol.11989
BB 9030BBCD 9030*Den HarrowDay By Day1987
BB 9031BBCD 9031*VariousBeat Box Beats Vol.11989
BB 9032Laser DanceFuture Generation1987
BB 9033RadioramaThe 2nd Album1987
BB 9034P4FHustle & Bustle1987
BB 9035*Faze OneHeroes1988
BB 9036Albert OneEverybody ‎1988
BB 9037RadioramaThe Legend ‎1988
BB 9038*BBCD 9038*V.A.Beatbox Mastertracks Vol. 41988
BB 9039V.A.Dance to the time1988
BB 9040Joe YellowI´m your lover1988
BB 9041V.A.Splash1988
BB 9042*BBCD 9042MirageMix in full effect1988
BB 9043*The Four SeasonsWho loves you1988
BB 9044Gipsy & QueenAction1988
BB 9045BBCD 9045V.A.TRD 11001989
BB 9046*MirageRoyal Mix 891989
BB 9047*BBCD 9047*Laserdance>Around the planet1989
BB 9048BBCD 9048*Fred VenturaEast and west1989
BB 9049BBCD 9049*Eddy HuntingtonBang bang baby1989
BB 9050*BBCD 9050*V.A.Beatbox Mastertracks Vol. 51989
BB 9051BBCD 9051V.A.Best Beats Ever – First Five Years1989
BB 9052BBCD 9052*HithouseHithouse1989
BB 9053*BBCD 9053*ProxyonProxyon1989
BB 9054*BBCD 9054*Village PeopleGreatest Hits Remix1989
BB 9055BBCD 9055*CappellaHelyom Halib1989
BB 9056*BBCD 9056*LaserdanceDiscovery trip
BB 9057*
BB 9058BBCD 9058*49ers49ers1990

4 reaktioner på ”Beat Box LP & CD”

  1. Hi, just a comment from a Norwegian collector. I`ve found a lot of the singles (7″ & 12″) and the lp`s in second hand shops etc for 10-20 kr each. It was a small shock to discover that they are so heavily overpriced at sites like Discogs etc, It`s a shame!, Thanks for all the work you`ve put into this site! Well done!

  2. Thank you for your reply, I hope the Beat Box CD will be re-released in the future! I’d like to see it if is being exhibited in the overseas auction.


  3. Hello from Japan. I sent a message because I wanted to ask a question.

    Proxyon (BBCD 9053, CD, 1989 Released)

    Do you still sell this album? I’d appreciate it if you reply.

    1. Hello in Japan! This list ain’t what I am selling, it’s just a checklist for Beat Box releases, with notes of what I have in my personal collection :)

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