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7″ / 12″ / CDS / CDM

RR 1Denniz PopGimme Some Mo’1988
RR 2Clarence Carter & Gary B.B. ColemanStrokin’1988
RR 3Mister MagicThe Continous Story Of Mr Magic1988
RR 4
RR 5
RR 6
RR 7
RR 8Frankie LaMotte & The Cold School ProjectAlways On My Mind1988
RR 9Terry LeighEverybody Can’t Win – The Remixes1989
RR 10ComaTales From Planet Coma ‎1989
RR 11Reel Power featuring Gladys DelpilarDo It!1989
RR 12Forced RepetitionHet Sak1989
RR 13
RR 14Terry LeighLove Deserves Another Chance ‎1989
RR 15DayeeneWe’re On The Case1989
SWE 16Terry LeighH.A.P.P.Y1990
SWE 17KayoChange Of Attitude1990
SWE 18Sons Of SoulMadness1990
SWE 19Reel Power Feat. Gladys DelpilarTrust1990
SWE 20DaYeeneWe’re On This Case (Remixes)1990
SWE 21DaYeeneBig Bad World1990
SWE 22KayoAnother Mother1990
SWE 23DaYeeneBig Bad World 1990
SWE 24Dr. AlbanHello Afrika (Tell Me How You’re Doin)‎1990
SWE 25Sons Of SoulAnother Day Is Gone1990
SWE 26The Cool RunningsTwice Shy1990
SWE 27KayoGimme Your Love1990
SWE 28Dr. AlbanNo Coke1990
SWE 29Da YeeneDrive My Car1990
SWE 30Axl TStays Within My Mind1990
SWE 31T BoneCheck It Out1990
SWE 32Black WatersShow Me Heaven1991
SWE 33GladysMade Up My Mind1991
SWE 34The Cool RunningsWe Come1991
SWE 35DaYeeneDizzy Morning1990
SWE 36KayoBrother1990
SWE 37Dr. AlbanU & Mi1991
SWE 38Dr. AlbanU & Mi / Proud (To Be Afrikan)1991
SWE 39DaYeeneYour Love1991
SWE 40Dr.AlbanNo Coke / Hello Afrika (RMX)1990
SWE 41Dr. AlbanSing Shi-Wo-Wo (Stop The Pollution)1991
SWE 42DaYeeneAlright1991
SWE 43GladysSame Old Song1991
SWE 44DaYeeneGood Thing1992
SWE 45Dr. AlbanIt’s My Life1992
SWE 46Natural ExperienceThing Called Love1992
SWE 47Paola ToroI’m So Excited1992
SWE 48Positive EnergyCan U Feel It1992
SWE 49Dr. AlbanOne Love1992
SWE 50Shabba RanksTwice My Age 1992
SWE 51DaYeeneAround The World1992
SWE 52Solid StateState Of Mind1992
SWE 53SadieNothing To Say1992

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